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Headshot Inquiries

I am based in the small but busy arts town of Rosebud, Alberta. There is a constant flow of artists coming and going, so theatre and art and music have been an important part of my life since childhood.  This has given me a deep appreciate for the significance of headshots.  A good and current headshot can be the difference between booking a job, or not.  

I love shooting headshots.  There is an intimacy that is built between the person behind the camera and the person in front of it.  I take my responsibility as your photographer seriously.  I make sure I am always doing the work to produce current, relevant, and provoking photos, so that you can feel confident sending them out to prospective employers.  

Headshots can be intimidating.  The stakes feel high and the vulnerability required is significant.  As a way to make them a bit more exciting, at the end of every headshot session I've begun to take a few minutes to loosen up and shoot a few portraits for my clients. It's always our favourite part of the session.

Please click the OPEN FORM button below and tell me a bit about yourself so that we I can know you better, and so that we can make some magic together.