Cyra Roman | Alberta Lifestyle Photographer

A few weeks ago, my girls were away and I was feeling heart-achy with missing them. This dear friend invited me over and I spent the afternoon wrapped up in the arms of the sweetest little boys. I pulled him close and told him I had a secret for him.  He leaned his ear toward me and I whispered "sometimes when my girls are away it feels like there's a little empty spot in my heart, but you make it feel all full up of love".  He scrunched his little nose at me and gave me an extra long hug. 

I am forever grateful for little boys who bless me with generous love. I am forever grateful for friends who feel like sisters. I am forever grateful for papas and mama who love their babies tangibly, visibly, unconditionally, and are teaching them to be kind, sensitive children of God. I am grateful for this family, and that they keep letting me photograph them, inside the womb and out of it.

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