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- Devon and Suzanne -

Our experience with Lauren was so amazing, my fiancé and I were both very nervous about having our pictures taken because we both have not had a lot of good pictures taken of us, and this was our very first experience having photos taken together as a couple. We really wanted our picture to reflect the people we are and our love for each other. We are both shy timid type people, but we both love each other completely and Lauren made us both feel at ease, she knew we were nervous so she kept us both just focused on each other and not on her taking our pictures. She did some amazing photos and we both love them so much. At one point in our session Lauren asked us to look into each other eyes and she asked me to tell my fiancé how he makes me feel, and I replied with "you make me feel safe" that was a lasting memory that I will have from my engagement photo shoot. Lauren kept us laughing and having a great time with each other and the result was some absolutely beautiful pictures that every time I look at them I see our never ending love for each other. Thank you so much Lauren for such a great photo shoot and for giving us pictures that we will keep for the rest of our lives, to show our children and grandchildren.

- Chantal -

I have had the pleasure to get three photo sessions with Lauren Hamm - headshots, portraits, and a couples shoot.  I felt at ease and trusting in front of Lauren's photos, and that trust is justified. All three shoots had wonderful results. I am reminded that I am beautiful, dynamic, and strong when I look over her pictures of me. The photos from our couple shoot are delightfully intimate, and I treasure them. Those sacred moments of goofiness, glee, and tenderness are exquisitely captured. This is why I love Lauren's work - she captures the 'home' of a person, that indescribable essence that is the soul. 


- Hannah and Casey -

Our experience with Lauren was a combination of an easy going style and strong artistic intention. She has the ability to capture emotion in her photos, and her strength is in finding the light in every setting. She was wonderful to work with and we love the story told in our wedding photo’s.

- Cyra -

Working with Lauren is an incredible way to reinvent your feelings about being photographed.  You can ask anyone from my family to my husband, even on our wedding day, having to get my picture taken was not something I was looking forward to.  I'm afraid my smile will look too fake or the pose will be awkward.  After having a few different style sessions with Lauren, from boudoir to baby photos, to family photos, I can confidently say that all of those "I don't want to be photographed" feelings that so many of us have, are just because we have never worked with a photographer that knows how to make the session work FOR YOU.  I can confidently say that when you are in session with Lauren, you may not even notice that she has started working and she is already half way done the session.  Her photos are fluid, and her atmosphere is relaxed.  You spend the whole time chatting and laughing and joking only in the end to see that she has taken masterpiece shots.  If you feel uncomfortable, Lauren is able to suggest poses or positions, or share an idea that can have you looking like a supermodel in just one shift of your hand.  Lauren also provides unique ideas and props to add that little extra originality to all of your photos.  Her ability to manipulate light and sun amazes me.  I never felt laughed at, embarrassed or shut down while working with Lauren and I believe she is really able to capture the essence of the photo shoot, be it intimate, family or professionally related.  I would recommend her artistry and unique style to anyone looking for incredible results and a very enjoyable experience.

- Alix -

I've had the pleasure of using Lauren as a photographer on 3 separate occasions, and every session is a joy. She makes me feel so at ease in front of the camera, and our sessions had plenty of laughs. She clearly loves being behind the camera and it shows through the care she puts into making her clients feel comfortable, and making sure they are happy with the finished product. Lauren is a fantastic photographer and an even more fantastic human being. I'm in love with Lauren's work and I can't wait to see it develop over time! (Get it? Cause photos develop. I crack myself up.)

- Lauren -

The first photo session I had with Lauren (Summer 2015) was great! We went to a location with lots of variety and that I knew, so I was comfortable. However, I was still nervous because I would be in front of the camera! I would be seen. However, Lauren made me laugh so much, which relieved me of my nerves, and I got more comfortable as the shoot went on. I was less worried, which is so key to getting the perfect shot. The second photoshoot that I had with Lauren (Winter 2017) was so lovely. I felt at home with her. She not only articulated what she wanted (so well), she also told me why she wanted it (i.e. where the shadows would fall). I had so much fun and I knew that Lauren would take care of me. Any photographer is capable of taking a good shot but Lauren has found the way to capture a great memory within her photographs. She’s a natural. Would I recommend Lauren? You bet I would. When you look back on your photographs, I guarantee you that you will smile along with the photo because you will remember that beautiful moment.