The most important things to know about me.


Hi! I'm Lauren.  I'm so glad you found your way here.  

As a photographer I ask people to be honest with me.  To be open hearted and truthful in front of my camera so that I can know them well enough to capture their souls.  

So let me get the ball rolling!

  • I am first and foremost a mother. My daughters snuck in and snatched up my heart and I can't even remember what my life was like before them.

  • I get to spend a significant amount of time playing music with my best friend in a band called The Dearhearts. We travel around, stopping in living rooms and other small concert venues to play music, tell stories, and just generally crack each other up. I contribute by playing a little guitar, some mandolin, and writing a few songs.

  • I drink coffee. A lot of it. Black so that I don’t get diabetes. 2017 Update: My love of coffee has developed into a full blown addiction. I like to believe it's mutual though. I can't survive without coffee but I also think that maybe coffee couldn't survive without me...

  • I used to feel like I couldn't wait to leave my home town and live in a big city. But the older I get, the more I appreciate the community that I was raised in, the community I now call home. As a teenager I hated the fact that I knew everyone and everyone knew me. As an adult, I love the fact that my daughters can knock on any door in town and find a loving pair of arms to welcome them. My career choice(s) take me out into the world in a big beautiful way, but my dear Rosebud welcomes me home with the smell of friendly campfires and the sounds of children's laughter ringing through my dear valley.

  • I love camping in the mountains. But if I’m being completely honest I’m more of a “build a fire, read a good book, leisurely hike with a lot of flower smelling and photo taking and good conversation” kind of camper than a “let’s crush this mountain and then find another one to climb” kind of camper. Sorry dad.

  • I love flowers. Live flowers, dried flowers, potted flowers, picked flowers, crushed flowers, flower prints, photos of flowers…

  • In the summer (and spring and fall) I spend 99% of the time either barefoot or in my trusty Birkenstocks.

  • I love the idea of minimizing my life. Having white walls and clean furniture that perfectly coordinates. But I also love bright yellow paint in my kitchens and my mom's homemade quilts flung across my couch. It's a balancing act.

  • Laughing is one of my very favourite things to do in the world. If you can make me laugh for real, we are probably about to become great friends.

  • I firmly believe that as artists we should strive for community rather than competition. If you are a fellow photographer, send me a message! Let's get coffee.

  • Few things make me feel as rooted in the love of God as a Rosebud sunset.


My Photography Philosophy

I believe so firmly that the relationship you have with your photographer through this exciting whirlwind of a day is one of the most important decisions you make for your wedding because this person is with you from the beginning until the end. Witnessing and documenting some of the most intimate and vulnerable moments. I believe your wedding photos should always be a place that you can come back to for comfort.  When life becomes overwhelming or the difficulties in navigating relationships and jobs and families become too much, you can look at these photos and be reminded of why you chose this person, and why they are your home.

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