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Choosing a photographer for your wedding or elopement is a huge decision. Find a photographer you connect with. Find a time to connect face to face. If you leave feeling like you just had coffee with a friend, that’s a pretty good sign you’re on the right track. I never bring contracts to our first meeting. I’m happy to give you a breakdown of my pricing if that’s what you’re looking for, but the truth is - the most important part for me is finding out if we are a good fit. Because your photographer is the person you’ll spend the most time with over the course of your wedding day. They’ll be with you while you’re getting ready, during your first look, while you spend your first moments alone together as a married couple…

So find someone who’s work you connect with, find someone you can afford, but most importantly, find someone you feel at ease with. Someone you don’t mind seeing you in your underwear. Someone you don’t mind crying in front of, or laughing easily around. Find someone who is more interested in telling your story than filling their portfolio.

If you connect with what you’re hearing, fill out the form below. Tell me a bit about who you are as a couple and I will respond as soon as possible. We can chat a bit via email, then schedule some time to get together either in person, or over Skype if that’s easer. All of these meetings are complementary, and carry no obligation.

If this form isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, or if you’re interested in a Headshot or Lifestyle session, click the button below or send me an email:

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