Dear Woman


An open letter to no one in particular:


I see you over there. Shining in your beauty. 
Lighting the room with your easy laugh and dancing eyes. 
The face that launched a thousand ships.

You think you need it. The hungry looks and the bold flirtation.
Having your men lined up before you waiting to be the chosen one.
“I’m just a guys girl” you say as surround yourself with the boys.
“I just don’t relate to them” you say as you push the women around you away.

You don’t know this yet but it will be these compassion filled women who will be your greatest ally. They will tell you you’re worthy when you don’t book that job. They will rant with you when he lets you down. Again. They will gently guide you to the truth when you can’t see it past your own hurt and disappointment. They will sit with you in companionable stillness or push you out the door. They will hold you in a deep pool of love and remind you that although you are beautiful, it’s not your beauty that makes you desirable.

They are not your competition. They are your community.

Let go.
It’s not one or the other.
You can have both.
Don’t you know we want you to be happy? 
Don't you know we celebrate with you in your romantic successes? 
Don't you know that your joy is our joy? 

We are not your competition. We are your community.


All of us

PersonalLauren Hamm