The Butter To My Bread

When I met Lauren de Graaf in Rosebud 5 years ago I was completely convinced that she dreamed in cartoons and that birds and chipmunks and mice helped her get dressed in the morning.  I decided immediately that I needed a little more of that in my life and thus we became “the Lauren’s”.  Over the years I have come to learn how much more there is to this woman.  She is powerful and determined and has a killer voice.  I mean that literally and metaphorically.  Of course, she is an incredible musician with such a beautiful voice.  I love getting to sing alongside her as a member of The Dearhearts.  But also I’ve seen how in touch she is with her heart and emotions, and there is so much power in her ability to articulate what is inside of her.  I have loved watching her grow and evolve and develop that voice.  I no longer look at Lauren and see the birds and mice.  Now I see a woman full of character and compassion and generosity.  I loved getting to wander around her parent’s stunning acreage with her – laughing and talking about life and taking photos.  

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- Lauren -