The Sandermans

I’ve never been a morning person.  Seriously.  Ask anyone who has seen me in the morning.  It’s not my best time.  Especially if I haven’t had my coffee yet.  But last week I got to do a session with these sweet kids in the stunning morning light, and it might just have converted me.  Okay.  Probably not.  But although I still don’t really like being awake in the morning, I have decided that I LOVE to shoot in the morning light.  I’ll sacrifice my sleep if I get to experience this light in my camera every day.  It’s just different than sunset light (which I used to think was my favourite).  It’s bright and crisp and fresh.  The whole day is before you and full of possibilities and opportunities.  Dew still sits on the leaves and a fog lingers in the valley.  The singing birds aren’t drowned out by the sounds of cars and people.  It’s peaceful and exciting all wrapped into a big pile of beauty.  Alright, I’m gushing.

I suppose it helped that my subject matter was ADORABLE.

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- Lauren -