For Good

Kevin and Emily are perfect for each other.  I don't throw that word around lightly.  The love they share is so evident in the way they make decisions, the way they support each other, the way they laugh together, and the way they look at each other.  Their day was a perfect reflection of their love.  Full of excitement and colour and laughter.  Full of happy tears, whispered prayers, warm hugs and kisses from family and friends.  You can see in the way their community rallies around them and supports them that these two are so loved.  I am happy to share this day with you, and to look back through them and experience it all over again. 

Their ceremony took place at the site of the Canadian Badlands Passion Play.  The place where they met, where their love grew and developed and flourished.  The day was full of pops of pale blue, representing their mutual decision to put the Lord at the centre of their marriage and lives.  There was special music by members of their family, as well as Me & the Mrs.... Each decision was made with care and intention, all coming together to create an experience that was uniquely "them".

Emily spent multiple summers working at the Atlas Coal Mine just east of Drumheller.  When we were deciding where to do portraits she knew each location, each shot, each special memory she wanted to visit with her new husband.  We climbed small mountains, we hung out in old coal mines, we navigated narrow stairways through groves of trees.... There was no where she wasn't willing to climb to, heels in hand, runners under her princess dress.  She was the perfect adventure bride.  I was so grateful for her willingness to say "yes".

What a fun party these two threw.  The dance floor was full all night long with guests singing their hearts out and dancing their faces off.  Kevin and Emily sang a duet and had one of the most memorable first dances I've witnessed.  That dress twirled to perfection.  I was even honoured to get to sing a few songs with my some of my favourite people, The Dearhearts.

Kevin and Emily, thank you so much for asking me to be a part of your celebration.  I was blessed to be able to witness the intimate moments of this day, and of your love.  I wish you nothing but happiness as you navigate your new marriage, journey forward together.


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- Lauren -