As It Should Be

I had such a blast shooting Kevin and Emily.  What a sweet couple.  And can you believe Kevin had never been to Banff before this day? They were so full of ideas and suggestions and were willing to try anything I directed them to do.  It made the day so relaxed and easy.  They look at each other with so much love in their eyes, that a few times I had to just stand back and take them in.  They're the kind of couple that when you watch them together you just think "yes.  this is as it should be." Because there is no one in the world better suited for Kevin than Emily.  And there is no one in the world better suited for Emily than Kevin. They laugh often and easily, support each other, respect each other, and both know all the words to every musical ever created.  It's perfect.  I was so glad to photograph them back in December and am even more excited for their wedding coming up in July! Enjoy a few of my favourite photos from their mountain engagement shoot!