Go Easy

Exactly a year ago I was texting with my dear friend Emily.  There was a loneliness in her tone that I recognized because I've felt it too.  I decided then and there to grab my babies and my camera and jump in my car to head up for a visit.  Walking into her house with her, between the excited squeals of our girls and the hugs and suitcases and bags of outgrown babies clothes I whispered my secret - that I wanted to be a photographer. "Would you let me shoot you while I'm visiting? Free of charge? You could use the photos for your blog or whatever else you wanted..." Looking back through those photos [which you can find here] I'm filled with a few different emotions.  I love them, because the joy of my friend is so evident.  She was completely supportive and willing to help in whatever way she could.  I laugh and roll my eyes at the fact that I was too nervous to notice the green gum that subsequently occasionally rears it's ugly head.  I remember with all the grace in the world for myself, how excited I was to shoot during "golden hour" only to realize it's a lot harder than it looks.  

I was so glad to shoot Emily again this year.  Exactly one year later.  Maybe in a year I'll shoot her again and I'll laugh at the different mistakes I made during this shoot, or I'll roll my eyes at the things I would do differently.  Growing pains are a necessary part of life.  Have grace for yourself.  Go easy on yourself.  The challenge and joy is in the growing.  Be proud of what you are able to accomplish no matter what skill level you find yourself at.  Take pride in your work, but never become so proud that you don't see that there is always room to improve.  As long as you're working and growing, you're succeeding.  No matter how many mistakes you make along the way.  Thanks for giving me these opportunities, dear friend.  

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