When You Look For It

I would photograph this adorable family on a regular basis if I could.  I could try to put it all into words but I'm going to let Krista do it instead, being a writer and all!

"Believe me, these are over tired parents. There was no beauty sleep here, or even clean clothes. None of our kids look at the camera at the same time -Josie's hair is a birds nest. I guess what these photos of Lauren's do, and why she's a great photographer, is show you perspective. She's finding these lovely moments and glimpses of light that are easy to miss in all the tiredness , and were a good reminder to us (because that day was crazy busy) that we DO have a beautiful family... The little moments are easy to miss but light is there when you look for it."

It was a delight to witness this family through my viewfinder.  Enjoy!

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- Lauren -