James + Jane | Calgary Engagement Photographer


I pulled up to the park where James and Jane had told me to meet them. As a photographer, when your clients recommend the location, you never quite know what you’re going to get. Especially in the city. The first thing I saw were cleanly mowed city lawns, and a row of neatly groomed hedges. My heart sunk just a little, and I prepared myself to pull out all the creative stops and find a way to make this city park work. I climbed the small hill and (if I’m remembering correctly) actually jumped for how at the wild beauty spread out before me. After spending some time with James and Jane, I’ve come to the conclusion that this actually represents them beautifully. They’re beautiful at first blush. Kind and gentle and excellently put together. Then you spend more time with them and you see the wild beauty that they are together. The laugh easily and often, delighting in the joy they bring out in each other. They aren’t afraid to run and dance and do things that might seem silly, but make for beautiful images. It was such a pleasure to get to know them both, and to be witness to the wildness.