Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Yesterday I had the privilege of meeting up with this family for a little photo shoot.  I have known Kay-lee all my life.  We grew up together.  Without her I never would have thought to go swimming in the river in February, I never would have thought to stuff a far too large leopard print bra and go out in public, I never would have lit so many things on fire…  Kay-lee played a major role in developing the rebel in me, and I can’t tell her how grateful I am for that (although I’m sure my mother would disagree…)  While we were visiting a few weeks ago she mentioned that she had NO pictures of her and her husband and their daughter all together, let alone any with their extended family.  I love this family and their “I don’t give a *you-know-what*” attitude.  And they were such troopers! I think half of them were sick or getting sick, the kids were just waking up for naps, and they were still able to smile and laugh and enjoy themselves.  Especially Angela, who we had a hard time reining in long enough to snap a few pictures.  What a noisy, lovely, big hearted group of people.


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- Lauren -