Don't Call Her Ali

Alix.  My dearheart.  What a joy to shoot this lovely girl!  She has such a gentle quality about her that somehow disguises one of the most passionate voices I know.  Goodness this woman has power.  She is fiery and smart and knows when to fight for her opinions and when to just listen.  She has a beautiful voice, and is such a talented songwriter.  Last year she corralled me and our best friend Lauren into joining a band with her because she had this crazy idea to record a CD.  One year later and we are still going strong and loving every minute of it.  She works hard and takes charge of situations where others sit back and wait for someone else to do it.  I love watching her chase her dreams and I feel honoured to get to chase mine alongside her.  It has been such a privilege to watch her grow over the last 5 years.  Her show “The Darling Family” last year brought me to tears (which – if you know me, is hard to do) and I have no doubt that she will succeed in anything and everything she sets her mind to.   Here are some shots from our session a little while ago.  It was my first experience with “headshots”, and I am so grateful that she trusted me with hers.  You all call her Alix, but I call her Amazing Ali.  And I love her to death.  As Conrad Belau would say – ” Cat. Call.”

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- Lauren -