I Think I'd Be Sleeping Beauty

This blog post is dual purposed.  Firstly it is to show off the beauty that is Alysa Glenn in the form of some headshots I took for her recently.  I’ve watched Alysa on stage, in class presents, and performed musically with her as a member of “Inga and the Birds”.  I can confidently say that she is a true example of courage and beauty in all that she sets herself to.  She has a gentleness about her that makes you trust her immediately. It’s almost a maternal energy.  She is gracious and caring and I’ve often seen her go out of her way to be generous with her time and energy when other people are in need.  It was a privilege to capture some of that raw beauty with my camera.   

Secondly, this post is intended to encourage you all to come to Rosebud this June to take in her final project presentation.  As a part of her last year of education at Rosebud School of the Arts, she, with the help of two co-creators, has come up with a piece of devised theatre called “If I Was a Fairytale Princess, I Think I’d Be Sleeping Beauty”.  A story based on Alysa’s own life, seen through the eyes of a character she calls “Poppy”.  This honest and courageous story is not to be missed.  Conrad Belau, a co-creator in this project says “it’s told like a children’s story, but it actually is a fantastically relevant and raw look at depression and anxiety. Alysa’s work is bold and fearless and downright impacting to be witness to. Her courage to step into her own personal story in creating this play has been the true life force behind the creation process.”

 I’ve attached some information below, or you can find it on her Facebook page.

Show Dates and Times: 

  • Friday June 26 – 7pm
  • Sunday June 28 – 2pm and 7pm
  • Monday June 29 – 7pm

Tickets are $10 At the Rosebud Community Hall Gymnasium. Doors open 15 minutes prior to showtime.

To book tickets please email: goldenhourtickets@gmail.com

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