You Know That Feeling

You know that feeling when you go to "work" and basically just watch someone radiate warmth and light for an hour and a half straight?  You know that feeling when you go to "work" and by the time you're done your cheeks hurt from smiling?  You know that feeling when you go to "work" and you have to pinch yourself just to make sure?  No? Just me? Well.  Then I guess your work doesn't involve this girl.  Because if it did, this would be your story too.   Every time I hang out with her I leave even more in awe of how awesome she is.  She's an insanely talented artist.  She's interested and aware of the world around her.  She is adventurous and brave and a beautiful free spirit.  She is kind and compassionate... Even Bria loves her.  And Bria is... picky.  I'm so lucky to have her around as often as I do.  Hey Jonny.  Don't mess this up. 

 I love this shoot, I love this girl. I love this couple, I love these photos.  I hope you will too!

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- Lauren -