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For International Women's Day back in March, I decided that I wanted to donate some of my time to celebrating women, and encouraging other's to do the same.  So I asked you to send in nominations for women that you think embody what it means to be a woman.  When Bethany nominated her friend Maggie it was an easy decision.  I'll let you read Bethany's inspiring words. I have decided that getting to witness women supporting women is one of my favourite things in the world.  Thank you for taking the time to put together this nomination, Bethany.  And for your cat-wrangling, sunglass-mirroring skills. The friendship the two of you have is beautiful, and I'm so glad you were able to join us for our portrait session.

"Maggie is worth celebrating because she inspires me to be strong and courageous. She isn't afraid to stand up for anything she believes in or supports ever. To anyone. She has had a really difficult year health wise, but watching her push through it all and embrace whatever strength she had that day to do her work was and is really inspiring. She is so clear on what she loves and wants to do that despite her health struggles she still manages to do what she needs to do. She is one of the most informed people I know on theatre. She is constantly researching, reading, talking, immersing herself in anyway possible into the thing she loves. And that's inspiring to me. To throw everything you have into the things that are important to you even when you don't have the stamina. That is pure strength. And it's something I look up to day after day. Maggie is so passionate and articulate about her hopes and dreams. She works incredibly hard to achieve those dreams. It pushes me to be passionate and articulate what my hopes and dreams are. Without knowing it, she inspires people around her to have a voice. She believes in equality for all. No questions asked. So she uses her voice to remind others they have one too. She uses her voice to support those who don't think they do. She uses her voice to call out the injustices she sees. But she can also use her voice to comfort and support. When I think of a strong woman, Maggie comes to mind immediately. Passionate, hard working, determined, and yet gentle when necessary. Maggie is strength."

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